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Monday, January 23, 2012

MT: Recap Week Ten


I must admit that marathon training is going way better than I thought it would.  So far I have successfully rolled with the punches and made changes when needed.  I have not missed a run.  I am working hard to hit my pace zones and complete my speed work.  My body is feeling really good.  In fact, my foot is healing.  I never ever thought that would happen during a 16 week training plan.  I am feeling quite blessed!

Week ten was a recovery week so I only ran 35.5 miles.  I think it is hilarious to say that I only ran 30+ plus miles in a week.  My long run was 12 miles...again hilarious!  The funny thing about this entire process is what now seems long and what almost seems like a waste of clean clothing...again hilarious!

This week I have a time trial.  I wonder how fast I can run.  I am aiming for sub 7 minute miles.  I only have to run that fast for two miles.  I can do it or at least I am telling myself that!

The marathon is getting close!

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