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Monday, January 30, 2012

MT: Recap Week Eleven

Oh my gosh!  There are only five weeks left of training and that means the marathon is getting CLOSE!  I might be starting to have some anxiety about it....

This past week was pretty good. I ran 44 miles which was my max limit for the week.

It was a hard week in that I had two 10 mile runs during the week.  That meant I was up at 4:30am twice and 5am for my five mile run.

Because we spent the weekend in LA at a gymnastics meet, I ran my long run on Friday (my third 4:30am wake up in four days).  My long run was only 12 miles.  This may sounds nuts, but I really feel like 12 miles passes so quickly.  I had a great run on tired legs (1:49)! 

Because I missed a scheduled 5K race (remember we were in LA all weekend), I had a time trial on Sunday.  Well, lucky me, I got sick in LA and felt like junk.  I had to run because I did.  I really should not have run, but I never claimed to be a smart runner.  I did a 0.5 mile warm up and cool down. The middle two miles were to be run as fast as I possibly could.  The goal was to feel like another step would kill me.  I ran a 7:03 and 6:59.  I am pretty sure I could have been a little faster if I had been feeling well.  Regardless, I could not run that fast for much longer. Now, my pace ranges have changed.  I feel good about them, but a little nervous at the same time.  My first test will be on Thursday when I am scheduled to run 3x1 mile repeats at 7:20 pace.  I definitely have to feel better for that to happen!

This week is the Simulator week!  I have been looking forward to this for 11 weeks.  I am scheduled to run 16.3 miles at 8:29 pace...yikes!  So far the weather looks good for running!

Oh, and as of tomorrow 1/31/12 I will have officially run 200 miles in one month!  WOW!!!  Exactly one year ago I was excited to have run 100 miles in one month.  What a difference a year filled with dedication, determination, support, and hard work can do!!

3/3/12 is almost here!

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