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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend highlights

This was a crazy busy weekend.  I finally feel like we have accomplished tasks at home.  This kids were very patient with helping and playing with each other.  We enjoyed fun meals together at home and at a Mexican restaurant (a rare treat for us!).  We all (except Elena) got our hair cut and look quite spiffy!  I ran...shock!  Drew biked which is a shock.  He rode 6 miles with minimal hand pain and wants to ride again tomorrow...yeah!

I must say that Emma is one lucky girl.  She escaped most of the work.  She had the pleasure of attending two birthday parties on Saturday and playing with Ashlynn today.  Of course, I did make her clean her bedroom in between activities.

Jonah was sick most of the weekend.  I am praying he has a good night's sleep and can hit the ground running in the morning.  The Wii was his best friend this weekend.  That boy is never too sick to play online games or watch tv.

Samuel told Drew yesterday "Everywhere you go Dad, I am going to go!"  That is basically what happened all weekend.  He is Drew's mini me in almost every way possible.

Elena played and "helped" all weekend.  It is such a delight to watch her play with her babies and try to be the boss of her brothers.  This morning I asked Emma, Jonah, and Elena if there was anything they wanted to include in our prayers.  Sweet little Elena said "pray Jesus amen!"  I almost cried on the spot.

Drew finished installing the tv on the porch.  It is now on the wall and AWESOME!  It was great to watch football today while we cleaned and organized the porch.  For the first time in months, the porch is a livable room instead of a large storage shed.  I could not be more happy about this!  The slow crossing off the list of projects is a good feeling.

I was installed as an Elder at church this morning.  I was a little nervous (everyone else in my class was installed last week).  I loved knowing that my friends hands were on my back and Drew was at my side as Paul prayed.  I am looking forward to serving my church and making a valuable impact on the Worship Committee.  It is also very awesome that my first assignment includes working with my friends Ann Marie and Michelle....double bonus!

So, it was a very productive weekend.  It was also filled with lots of fun activities with the kiddos.  I feel ready for a good week!!!

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