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Monday, August 20, 2012

Being Intentional and Saying YES!

A few weeks ago I read a blog post from I have no idea where about being a "YES" mom.  In the post the mom decided she said no way too often and would start saying yes.  In general, I think this is a great idea so I kept reading.  I decided she had gone off the deep end when she wrote about letting her kids blow bubbles inside the house.  WOW!  I can barely stand the stickiness of bubbles outside.  I am not that kind of "YES" mom!

This is our last week of summer.  School officially starts next Monday for Emma, Jonah, and Samuel.  I started thinking about being a "YES" mom over the weekend.  I felt like no was flying from my mouth a little too easily since we have been home and I really wanted to end the summer on a high note.  No, I am not planning any last minute trips to Disney, the beach, or any other out of the world place.  I just want to have fun with my kiddos!
None of this kind of fun
or this
So, this week I will be a "YES" mom (within reason of bubbles in the house!).  My new rule since we have been home is no dessert during the week.  We had lots of dessert on our trip.  Today I decided to just let them have fun.  We had dessert at lunch and at dinner.  We watched a movie this afternoon.  We are going to the pool twice with friends.  Play dates are planned on other days.  It is going to be a fun week!
We will do a little of this
and eat some yummy stuff
Because I love them!
I want to be intentional with my kiddos this week.  When school starts life is going to be hectic and the moments will be less frequent.  I want the kind of moments that are remembered for years not just minutes.

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