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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eagle Camp

Today we arrived at one of my favorite places to rest and renew. The shores of Lake Champlain surrounded by mountains are beautiful. It is so peaceful. It is a good way to end our summer vacation before returning to real life.

Drew and his family have been coming to Eagle Camp since he was 10 years old. He and I have been coming together since 1994. Our children love it here more than I can describe.

Eagle Camp is a place where time stands still.  My meals will be made for me each day at 8a, 1p, and 6p.  I am required to rest daily from 2-3p.  Taps is played at bedtime.  The bugle will wake me at 7.  I will play the same games or watch the same ones I did last year.  The predictability brings calm. It is a place to be with family or to be alone and either is okay!  It is where "style is dead and comfort is king!".

I am ready for this week.

Our little cabin 
A view of the lake at sunset

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