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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Running double digits

My marathon plan called for a 10 mile run today.  I was totally nervous about this run.  I have been nervous about it for two weeks.  I know I can run 10 miles, but the last time I ran double digits was June 1st....three months ago!  With my achy hip, the heat, and the humidity my runs have been total crap.  I really doubted if I would make it past 7 miles because that was a struggle last weekend.

I got everything ready last night so I would have no excuses.  I knew I did not need any!  So off I went with my music knowing I would need some extra motivation.  I decided to keep my pace slow so I would have energy left for the last few miles. 

Mile 1-9:45
Mile 2-9:47
Mile 3-9:42
Mile 4-9:52
Mile 5-9:58

I was so tired of running...bad news at mile 5 if you are training for a marathon!  I was also just tired.  My legs felts heavy.  It was hot and there were not enough sprinklers on to keep me cool.  I run through every sprinkle I can find even if I have to run halfway into someone's yard.  I took my GU at mile 5 and that helped tons!  Those things are so amazing.

Mile 6-9:38
Mile 7-9:35
Mile 8-9:31
Mile 9-9:36
Mile 10-9:14---I was working hard to finish fast!

After looking at my splits I decided maybe I should take a GU before I start running.  There is a definite improvement after my shot of energy. 

I was so glad to finish and to finish strong.  I now feel better about increasing my mileage.  My hip felt really good which was a wonderful surprise too!  Icing it three times a day and stretching is working.

I feel like my confidence is returning!

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  1. Thats a pretty consistent run! I need to get back into double digits myself. Theres just something about them that makes me feel bad"a"