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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eagle Camp in pictures finally!

I have said many times that Eagle Camp is my favorite and most relaxing place on earth.  I just love it.  Then I looked at the pictures and wondered why I think it is so relaxing.  We play in tournaments, run, swim, bike, play tennis....well some of us.  None of these things are super relaxing, but Eagle Camp has such a relaxed carefree atmosphere.  What is not to love about a lake, farm lands, and mountains?
We did do a lot of playing and it was great!

Bocce tournament with David and Kristen
Golf croquet tournament with Mark and Hayden
Elena and Samuel playing their version of golf croquet
 Jonah and I were bocce partners and we lost, but had fun!
 After the Wednesday night picnic there is a softball game.  It is a kids softball game and it was organized by Brian, Drew's cousin's husband.  He is amazingly gifted at teaching children sports.  His patience were beyond anything I could ever muster on a baseball field.  Kids of all ages played and it was a total blast to watch!

Brian and some of the players
We also swim so much in the lake.  It is fresh water so sometimes the lake is also a shower!  It is Drew's family tradition to take a swim before breakfast.  I am not a huge fan of this because it is cold!  My Texas body prefers warm water and I like to swim in the warmth of the sun!  I did swim one morning after a run.  I had to lake all to myself.  It was so calm and refreshing!

The kids love to swim to the raft and jump in again and again.  It is very fun to watch. This year the lake was really low so we could walk to the raft.  That is very unusual, but it was nice for the little kids like Samuel and Elena.  Despite the chilly lake temperature it was a great "green pool" (as Elena called it).

 Camp ends each week with the talent show.  The playschool kids perform a song and then other campers sign up with their acts.  This year Emma and her two cousins Maddie and Kristen did a dance to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.  It was really good.  They practiced all week and did a super job!
One last practice before show time!
So many kids were being silly before the show and it was just wonderful to watch...inhibition at its best!
The joy of being so free to do play, to dance, to sing with family for one week!  It is a gift to all of us!

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  1. Who wouldn't love of week of games and no work! How wonderful for all. Glad you have a place to reenergize and simply enjoy each other!!!