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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shark Week

If you read the blog regularly you might think I like sharks since we just went to an aquarium on Shark Day.  Now today I am writing a post entitled "Shark Week".  Please don't misunderstand because really I don't care much for sharks.  I won't be watching Shark Week in a couple of weeks.  However, I love my children and they think sharks are cool.

Because I love them I took them to Silver Spring, MD today to see Chompy!  My brother-in-law works for Discovery and Shark Week is Discovery's thing.  For several weeks leading up to Shark Week, there is a shark on the building and his name is Chompy.  I must admit, it was pretty darn cool to see a shark (it is huge) on a building in the middle of a city.

Of course, being me and being with Kelsey we made a total outing of seeing Chompy!  First, a stop at IKEA.  Do not go there with children.  Elena got into one of the beds and tried to go to sleep.  Next was lunch at Chick Fil A.  After a treat of some FroYo for dessert we were off to see Chompy.

Because Scott works at Discovery we were able to get inside the building.  The lobby is amazing.  There is a cool triceratops, a real mammoth tush, motorcycles, a large dinosaur replica, and this really cool "Mouse Trap" like thing.

The "Mouse Trap" thing
Jonah starred at the "Mouse Trap" like thing forever
The kids were so excited to see everything.  They may have even liked some of this stuff more than Chompy.  Chompy is a large balloon display on the building.  There is a fin on two sides, the face on the front, and the backfin on the other side of the building.  It is pretty impressive.

A fin on one side of the building
The backfin
and Chompy!
Chompy with all the kids except Emma
Chompy and Samuel, Elena, and Jonah


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  2. It's always an awesome adventure!