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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home Monday afternoon after being away for 6 weeks.  In that time we were in 16 states and spent more hours in the car than I cared to count.  Our final drive was three days and 31 hours beginning Saturday in Vermont and ending at home. was a long drive.
Our annual ferry picture...Jonah was cold.
My and my Drew
A pretty picture from somewhere in New York
I just loved the clouds on Saturday. The sky always looked really cool!
The kids did a lot of DVD watching and sleeping.  Elena is actually a horrible car sleeper and finally blessed us with a 3 hour nap on Sunday!  Samuel has no trouble sleeping in the car.

Finally, we were back....

I think this is the fourth summer we have spent this much time away from home.  It gets harder and easier each year.  Just like I was not overly excited to begin our trip, I have mixed feelings about being home as well.  There is nothing like bed, my pillows, my closet of clothing, my kitchen, and the list goes no.  However, I dearly miss my family and wish I knew when I would see them again. 

Thankfully, I guess, real life began very quickly.  I had a church meeting Monday night.  Emma and Jonah returned to regular gymnastics practice on Tuesday.  School starts in two weeks.  There is lots to do to keep my busy.  Oh, and I started marathon training on Tuesday. is always FULL and filled with many BLESSINGS no matter where I am!

Thanks for an amazing summer wonderful family!!!!

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