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Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for Emma, Jonah, and Samuel.

Emma is in 4th grade.  Although she was disappointed her BFF Ashlynn was not in her class and she did not get the teachers she wanted, she was still excited for the first day of school!  She loves school on most days and was feeling ready to get back at it.  Let's hope that attitude continues!

Jonah will be in 1st grade this year.  He also loves school.  It uses all his energy and concentration to sit and focus all day long.  He has so much trouble sitting still when he gets home...poor guy!  I was very disappointed with the teacher he got, but I keep praying it will work out for the best.  Jonah was super happy to have his wonderful friend Victoria in his class and sitting at his pod.

Samuel is in Pre-K this year.  He is happy to be the "big man" at the school.  He likes his teacher.  He just hopes they don't do too many crafts!

Sweet Elena is not going to preschool this year.  She was feeling very left out all day.  She kept asking when she could go to school and "what is the name of my teacher?"  She meant her Sunday School teacher.  I think she will like mommy and me time after she gets used to no playmates!

Apparently I really like teal and so do my kids!

Samuel's back pack is as big as he is, but it is the one he wanted.  He looked so cute!

After everyone was dropped off and in class, it was just me and Elena.  Her expression says it all.....NOW WHAT MOM!

Here's to a great 2012-12 school year!!!

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  1. Hope they all had a good first day! Was thinking of all the kiddos starting yesterday with a mixture of excitement and some anxiousness too. Had to laugh because I just watched the girls walking down the street to the bus stop and saw that they both had teal on this morning, then came up and read your post. It is funny how without realizing it they end up matching. Glad to hear you are getting back into the grove in your running.