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Friday, July 6, 2012

Dutch Wonderland

On Tuesday we (all six of us, my sister Kristin, and my mom and dad) went to Dutch Wonderland.  DW is an amusement park specifically for little kids.  Emma is probably at the high age end which would enjoy the park and she did.  It was perfect for everyone else even Elena.  She is tall so there were only two or three rides she had to miss.  There is also a water park with little enclosed slides, splash pads, and spraying animals.  We went there first before it was crowded.  The kids had fun there before heading to the main attraction of the day.

We had a wonderful fun-filled day.  For 6.5 hours we rode rides and played.  Well, other people rode rides.  I did most of the picture taking and watching.  Something happens when you get older and spinning rides are longer a good idea. At least something happened to me because Drew was good with all the rides.

I thought Elena might be intimidated by some of the rides, but I was totally wrong.  She wanted to go on everything big or small.  Then she wanted to go on it again. 
Elena loved this up and down stomach dropping ride!
The ride that shocked me the most was the bumper cars.  I was nervous about her riding that ride and she loved it.  She went with my sister Kristin who said she was a little nervous at first.  By the end she was loving it!  She is one wild child!
Emma and Jonah on the bumper cars
Drew and Samuel on the bumper cars
Kristin and Elena on the bumper cars
The park was gloriously not full.  We only had to wait in lines two times all day.  Thank goodness!  Each time we had to wait the kids realized how tired they were and complained.  As long as they were moving they were happy!

Kristin rode with Elena all day long because of her wimpy mommy

The slides were a big hit!
Samuel squealed the entire way down the was awesome
Again no fear!

Elena and Samuel rode some of the calmer rides while Emma and Jonah were on the roller coaster.  There are two roller big and one little.  Samuel rode both with them one time and then stayed with me.  Emma and Jonah rode the big coaster with Daddy and Kristin four times!

I did get to ride one of my favorites...driving the antique car on the "turnpike"!  Jonah was my driver.
By the end of the day we were all tired, sweaty, and gross.  But, it was one of the best days.  Everyone had a blast!  The look on Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena's faces all day long was worth it!
Kristin and the kiddos
We survived our day!

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