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Monday, July 9, 2012

I ran again

I decided not to run the first ten days of our trip.  Three days were in the car and the next seven were at my parents.  They live on top of a hill so all running includes downhills and they are no small hills.  My toe can barely handle a small decline so downhill running was out of the question.  I also got sick immediately after arriving in PA and the cold settled in my chest.  Breathing is not my strength at the moment.  It just seemed like the right time to give my body a break and time for my toe to heal.

By Saturday I was feeling better and my toe was not hurting much.  In fact it had not been hurting at all until Saturday morning.  Jonah literally jumped up and landed on my toe.  I could have died in pain.  It felt like it had broken all over again.

Regardless of that occurrence I decided to run on Sunday morning.  I love to run at my sister's in Bowie.  There are lovely trails and parks all over the place.  It is such a wonderful change of pace from home.  I also like the hills...crazy I know!

So, off I went still kind of sick with a sore toe in 85 degree heat.  Probably not the best decision, but I have missed running.  Well, I ran and that is about all I can say.  My pace was horrible for me.  I felt totally out of shape.  My toe hurt.  It was not as painful as before so I know some healing has occurred.  It was hard to breathe and I just have to get over my cold.  The temperature was fine.  I am used to that.

I lasted for 3 measly miles.  I was a sweaty mess with a sore toe and decided not to push my luck.  The best news of my run was that my shoes did not have to come off immediately.  Healing is occurring.  I just have to be patient.

I am going to try another short run on Wednesday.

On a much more positive note, Drew, Scott, and Thomas finished their ride on Sunday.  I picked them up at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge around noon.  They had just finished a 260 mile ride through Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland over four days.  They were tired, but so excited about their accomplishment as they should be!

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