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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Washington DC fun

Kelsey and I decided to make it an annual tradition to go to DC Cupcakes.  We went last year (obviously) and it was just amazing.  Waiting in line was worth every bite of my cupcake!

The only problem is we have to take both vans into Georgetown which is not an easy task.  Today was no exception as traffic was beyond awful!  Again, it proved to be worth the trip.

I think I make pretty good cupcakes.  These cupcakes are good, but not amazing.

Seriously, don't they look awesome!?
What is amazing is the icing.  It just makes the cupcake PERFECT and DELICIOUS!  I mean it when I say my mind goes blank when I taste the chocolate icing.  It is too good for words.  I don't know how they make it, but I could eat it every day.  I ate 2.5 cupcakes today...yikes!  It is a good thing I only eat them once a year!

Today we ordered Key Lime, Vanilla Birthday, Vanilla, Red Velvet, and Chocolate.  I recommend anyone of them!
Samuel with Vanilla and Jonah with Key Lime 
Elena had Vanilla Birthday
Emma had Key Lime
Maya and Hanna enjoying their choices! 
Leah loving the icing!
Kelsey eating NOTHING...poor thing is allergic to chocolate and gluten

After our trip to the yummiest place on earth, we went to the DC Zoo.  We had a fun afternoon despite being hot and sweaty.  The Zoo had several places under construction so we could not see all the animals.  We did see some chimps, lots of little mammals, elephants, tigers, and panda bears.  I loved seeing them because the Houston Zoo does not have pandas.  We also took the kids to the petting zoo part which they liked.
Jonah enjoying the elephant exhibit...hilarious! 

The worst part of this Zoo is the hill.  Our lovely Houston Zoo is flat...shock!  This is not a flat Zoo.  Kelsey and I pushed the kids up a crazy hill which was a good workout.  There are also little hills throughout the zoo.  I think I like our flat zoo better!
I love this...Maya and Emma in front with Jonah and Hanna in back 
Leah's face says it and tired!

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