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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painting Pottery

We are now in Oriental, North Carolina to enjoy two weeks of fun in the sun!  The first week is already in the books, which is hard to believe.  We have been super busy, but it has been relaxing as well.

On Tuesday we went out to breakfast and then painted pottery.  The breakfast place has some of the most amazing and yummy French Toast ever.  We all enjoyed our breakfast except for Leah and Elena.  They had Mickey Mouse joke!

Painting pottery was lots of fun.  I know it is hard to believe because there are seven kids....Emma, Jonah, Samuel, Elena, Maya, Hanna, and Leah.  Really it was fun!  Each person picked their own piece to paint and got busy painting.  Jonah, Samuel, and Elena painted a plate to go with the bowls they painted last summer.  Emma painted a small bowl to be a catch all for her earrings and similar things.  I painted a small cutting board plaque for our kitchen.  Meghan and Pappy definitely have creative genes and painted the best pieces.

This place is super fun in my opinion.  They have multiple types of tools to use from sponges, stencils, special writing paint, regular brushes, and many different types of paint.  Everyone had a blast and we get to pick up our masterpieces on Monday!
Pappy, Maya, and Emma
Jonah and Samuel 
Mammy and Elena
Meghan (my cousin), Hanna, Kelsey, and Leah
It was just the beginning of our fun week...stay tuned!

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