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Friday, July 6, 2012

Playing in Lancaster

Today we played in downtown Lancaster.  First we went to the farmer's market.  This was quite the eye opener for the kids.  They enjoyed looking at all the different foods.  Their favorite place was the penny candy stand...a kid's dream come true!  My dreams came true as well because I was able to buy whoopie pies, a shoe fly pie, and black raspberries...oh happy day!

After shopping we went to two different parks.  The first park was small and secluded with a great water wall.  The kids loved walking around the waterfall and being generally silly.  I thought it was the perfect picture taking place.

The second park had shooting water play pad.  Since it was a crazy hot day, the kids had a blast!  I had tons of fun watching them be silly!!

It was a perfect last day in Lancaster with Grammy, Grandpa, Kristin, and Joe.  Next stop is Bowie!

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