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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good news friends!

Not running has been a challenge for me.  I love to exercise and use it as an outlet to relieve stress, to think, to not think, to be by myself, to challenge myself, and so many other things.  The past six weeks have forced me to find other avenues for those things.

Thanks to momswimbikerun.blogspot (I can never figure out how to copy the link), I have been doing the Deck of Death workout.  This has definitely been a challenge for body parts that have not been worked like that in a long while.  After my first set of squat jumps, my legs ached for days.  But, not enough for me to quit.  I did the workout three times last week!  I have also been to water aerobics twice since arriving in North Carolina.  That can be challenging as well.

Still, I missed running very much and was patiently waiting for my toe to heal.  I really wanted it to be healed when I ran again.  And, guess what....I ran on Sunday and I did not have any pain.  NO PAIN people for three miles.  I was one happy girl and still am!

I am back on the running train!!!  Now I just have to pace myself and built up my mileage base slowly!


  1. Yay!!! So glad it is feeling better for you. Good luck with ramping things up for your training plan!

  2. No pain?!!! That is AWESOME!! Excited for you as you begin the next chapter of your running adventure. Sounds like you have the right idea about rebuilding your base slowly and safely. I'm sure you will get back to where you want to be when the time is right. I hope your knee continues to improve!

  3. Good news! It will be hard, but you're wise to build up the miles slowly.