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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Summer Birthdays!!!

Several years ago Kelsey and I decided to celebrate each child's birthday in the summer.  By each child I mean hers and mine...all 7!  We are never together for anyone's birthday and both of us miss being at the celebrations.  First, we felt this would be tons of fun for the kids and us.  Second, we knew it would save us lots of shipping and stress during the year.  Now it is an annual tradition!

Today we celebrated each child's upcoming birthday.  Emma is the only exception because her birthday is in June so she gets to continue celebrating her current birthday....9.  Maya will be 8 in December.  Jonah will be 7 in September.  Hanna will be 6 in November.  Samuel will be 5 in February.  Leah will be 3 in August.  Last, but not least, Elena will be 3 in December.

Our celebrations include giving presents, having a special dinner, and singing to each child.  Each year we change the dessert to keep it fun.  It is one of the kids favorite days!
Leah, Emma, Samuel, Maya, Elena, Jonah, and Hanna
Today we had our hodge podge meal.  Each child was given a meal item to pick.  We had chips and queso for an appetizer.  For dinner we had ham, cucumbers, corn on the cob, strawberries, and pears.  For a drink the kids had a kool-aid ginger ale mix.  It was all quite yummy.
Kelsey set a fancy table for the big kids
Finally, for dessert we had one large banana split for the five bigger kids and a mini split for the two little girls.
Dessert was a huge hit.  Allowing the kids to eat from the same bowl seemed like Christmas morning to them.  It is so fun to see the joy on their faces about something so simple!
Leah and Elena enjoying their sundae
The older five enjoying their sundae

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