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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I love how some weeks are normal.  There are no extra obligations and the days seem kind of empty.  Not really empty, but not filled to the brim with something.  That was last week.

That is not this week.  All weekend I dreaded the arrival of Monday.  Despite trying to prepare some for the week, I still have way too much to do.  Between yesterday and Friday at lunch time I have to:

Go to two meetings at church
Go to one meeting at the gymnastics gym for Jonah's team
Bake Jonah's birthday cake...all 7 layers of it!
Pack for the beach
Grocery shop for the beach
Complete my workouts
Prepare meals for my family
Finish painting our kitchen and breakfast room
Buy Jonah's Tiger Scout uniform
Bake a dessert for Golden Gathering (a church mission)

None of that except for meals includes normal daily stuff and who knows what else will come up as the week progresses!

Trying to think about when I would get all this accomplished boggled my mind.  Thankfully, my inbox on Monday morning had an email from Peak 313 Fitness.  I love her encouragement for women who are trying to be spiritually and physically healthy.  The Bible verse for this week is

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.  Matthew 6:34

If I ever needed to be reminded to just focus on one moment, one hour, one day it was this week.  I felt so much better and have memorized this verse.  I repeat it to myself every time I feel a little stressed!  And do you know what?  It works to calm me every time I say it!

It is only Tuesday and I feel quite lucky to have some things accomplished...some totally finished and some almost finished!

My sweet kiddos on the kitchen window sill (in Christmas holders, I know)
My little "breathe" section on my kitchen window sill

Breakfast room---90% done
Our new blinds in the newly painted breakfast room
 Cake---3 chocolate layers baked

My workouts have been great too.  Has anyone ever done Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack abs?  Jillian Michaels '6 WEEK SIX-PACK' DVD
I promise you will hurt and work like a fool.  I love it though!
Tomorrow will be a crazy day baking, shopping, and going to a meeting.  Too bad all the daily stuff cannot be placed on hold this week or even for just one day!

Oh, well I will focusing on ONE DAY AT A TIME!

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