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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Speed work take two

This morning was my second attempt at 800's.  The first attempt was pretty much a fail.  I was totally nervous about this morning, but feeling more confident after a good tempo run last week.

Two weeks ago I did the 800's on my treadmill.  Running on a track in the dark, in the crazy heat of the day, or with the kids is not going to happen.  I don't like any of those options.  So, I decided to run the half mile loop near my giant track!  I like this option way better than the treadmill and the track. 

I set out with the goal to run somewhere around 3:50 for each 800.  That would be an improvement.  I will still nervous that I could not hit my target paces of 3:45-3:39.  After a 1.5 mile warm-up I starting sprinting because that is what an 800 is.  For me, it is pretty much a full sprint for a half-mile. 

First 800 was done in 3:45.  I was relieved.  I felt like I could have pushed it more.  Second 800 in 3:41...Holy crap!  That is within my pace range and I was super encouraged.
Third 800 in 3:37...where did that come from?  It was harder for sure!
Last 800 in 3:40.  I kept pushing to the end and was so proud of myself!

I felt like I could have done one or two more at these paces.  All my nerves and "I don't want to do this workout" attitude were for nothing.  I felt like it went great!  So did my coach!