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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The end of birthday madness...argh!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was Jonah's final birthday celebration.  Last weekend we were in Galveston for a mini vacation and our family celebration.  Tuesday was the real deal and there were cupcakes.  Today was the friend party!  This momma is ready for a birthday break!

I am a big believer in small parties.  I don't like the stress of lots of kids.  I also think my kids get overwhelmed with too many friends at a party.  It is no fun for anyone.  I set a limit at three friends.  Well, we ended up with five, but it worked well.

I did not allow myself much time to plan for this party.  On Thursday at Target I decided on a Pirate theme mostly because the items were on clearance.  Jonah has always liked pirates so I knew he would be really happy with my plan.  He was!  So after two hours of shopping, internet searching, and random other planning our party was planned!
Our little pirate station
I just love this sign

Yes, I baked yet another cake.  I am so over baking and I never thought I would say that! It was delicious and eaten by all!

For the party, Jonah wanted to play outside, but the weather altered our plans.  Knowing it was going to rain, I decided the boys could play Mario Cart on the Wii.  They all loved that.  Then they watched Scooby Doo Pirate Adventures.  It was a nice quiet time for them and it allowed me to finish preparing the food.

For dinner the boys had pirate ships (hot dogs in buns with a celery and cheese mast and flag), fish, little ships (apple and orange slices), and blood punch (Sprite with Kool aid ice cubes).  It may be cheesy, but I love themed food for parties.  The boys thought it was so fun especially the drink.  They enjoyed watching the Sprite get "bloody".  The joy of simple things is wonderful!

After opening presents, it was time for cake.  I hope one of Jonah's wishes comes true!

Everyone received a little "loot" when they left.  I got lots of compliments on the goody bags, which I had so much fun putting together.  I bought plain bags and decorated them with pirate stickers.  The were filled with pirate crayons, pirate mazes and word searches, candy, granola bars, and jibbitz bracelets (the things that go in Crocs). 
All the pirates!
Jonah thanked me for his party and said it was lots of fun.  I love that he enjoyed the simplicity of just playing with his friends with a fun little twist.  That makes my momma heart so happy! 
Happy Birthday Jonah....until next year!

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