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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Emma does gymnastics

This morning was Emma's second meet of the competition season.  Her first meet was pretty forgettable.   It was unfortunate timing as we had just returned from our trip.  And, she had received bad news from her head coach.  The news that she could not move up to level 4 (because we went on a family trip for 6 weeks despite practicing at other gyms....don't even get me started!) pretty much broke her heart and took away her fighting spirit for the first meet.

She has overcome that and moved on with all the grace she possesses!  Today she was still occasionally timid, but beautiful-strong-poised!

Our wake-up call was crazy early.  At 5:30am I thought I should be running not showering preparing to leave for a meet.   I let Emma watch "McKenna" on the way since we had a 40 minute drive.  I thought watching a gymnastics, feel good, feel successful movie would be inspiring.  Who knows if it worked, but I think my logic is good!
Waiting for warm-ups to begin
Waiting for introductions

Emma has a tendency to practice better than she performs, which she did on vault today.  Her practice vaults were beautiful!  She did a good one when it counted and received a 9.0.

Bars were next and she fell on her dismount two weeks ago.  I think watching her is the most nervous I get and I was really nervous for her today.  She did well and earned her best bar score ever....another 9.0!

Beam was next and it is always touch and go.  Being great on beam means one must have no fear.  Emma gets too nervous and it showed today.  Still, she earned an 8.6.

Last was floor.  All week Drew kept telling Emma to be precise!  I reminded her of this before she started and precise she was.  She received her highest ever floor score...a 9.3!

Her overall score was 35.9, which is her best ever.  I am so proud of her. 
All the girls were crazy good today!
I love this cute and confident looking!

She fought back from heartbreaking news and showed everyone that she is a competitor.  My girls has heart!

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  1. She's got heart and determination! So, so, so proud of our Emma!!!