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Monday, September 24, 2012

Galveston Weekend

When I asked Jonah how he wanted to celebrate his birthday he said he wanted to go to the beach.  That is easy!  To make it even more fun, Drew and I decided to spend the weekend at the beach to celebrate Jonah and to have a mini vacation.

We took Emma and Jonah out of school early on Friday hoping to miss all of Houston's fun Friday traffic.  We arrived at our condo just before 4pm and were at the pool by 4:10.  After some quick swimming we headed to the beach.  Jonah loves the beach.  He loves to run in the water.  He loves to try to body surf.  He really could spend all day in the water.  Emma and Samuel were much braver here than this summer.  Granted the water was calmer so it was much more kid friendly.  Elena likes the water, but is still nervous.  She prefers to play in the sand.

The condo complex also had two pools.  The one was an infinity pool which was very pretty.  The second was a lazy river pool with a small swimming area as well.  With all these great places to swim, the crazy kids wanted to spend time in the hot tubs.  It was 90 degrees so why is beyond me.  I stayed in the pool!

We celebrated Jonah's birthday early on Saturday (it is really on Tuesday).  He wanted tacos for dinner...his favorite.  He asked for a 7 layer cake because he is going to be 7!  I baked 3 8x8 chocolate cakes and 4 8x8 vanilla cakes and assembled them at the condo.  It turned out so much better than I imagined and tasted great as well!

 Jonah wanted 7 candles on the big cake and then the #7 candle on his piece of cake!  I think he just wanted us to sing twice and make two wishes.

Drew and I realized that this is the very first vacation that just the 6 of us have taken...EVER! We definitely made the correct decision to go to Galveston for the weekend.  We had a great weekend playing and just being together.  It was really wonderful!

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