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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeling like a BAMR...

Friday this appeared on the ZOOMA racing series Facebook page...

It had the caption "No excuses this weekend."

I chuckled when I saw it because I knew I was scheduled to run 7 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday.  I also knew it was supposed to rain all weekend.  This is why I got a treadmill last year.  I can run inside when it is cold and rainy.

Saturday when I woke up it was lightly drizzling and I got my treadmill ready to go.  I really hate to be wet!  I checked the radar again and saw heavy rain was coming.  Drew said I should run outside and I caved.  I decided to run in the rain.

Off I went in the light drizzle which was a lovely distraction for the humidity.  Three miles into my run it started to pour.  I started to head home.  Just short of two miles later I was one block from my house and it was just drizzling again.  I had a choice...keep running in the rain or change and hit the treadmill to finish.

I decided to only make one set of clothes dirty and keep running in the rain.  When I began my run I passed a gentleman that I see almost every morning.  We both agreed we were a little crazy.  I saw him again after the downpour.  This time he said we were really earning it today and I so agree. 

Running in the rain is not easy.  It is slippery.  I was worried about blisters because my feet were so wet.  I was worried about chafing because I was soaked.  Things that sometimes ache were very achy.  But, it was all worth it.  Looking back at my run, I really enjoyed it.  It was cleansing in a way.  I felt more refreshed after those 7 miles than I have in a long time.  It reminded me that I enjoy running and I enjoy it a lot!  I was definitely feeling a runner's high when I finished.  I also felt like a Bad A** Mother Runner for running in the rain.
Finished and soaked from head to toe!
Do you know what else happened?  I ran fast.  Well, fast for me at this point in my training and I was happy!

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