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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

True Story---Elena shoved a rock in her nose

Today I was cutting watermelon for lunch.  Elena was watching "Little Bear" or so I thought.  Into the kitchen she walks and says, "I can't get the rock out of my nose!"  WHAT!!!!!

Holy crap!  So I tried to get her to blow her nose and all she did was suck in....NO!  We stopped that immediately.  I called our pediatrician and they could not see her until 3:45 because of low staff.  The nurse suggested I try putting Vaseline in her nose and attempt to push out the rock.  It did not work.  Off to our favorite urgent care place we went. 

I cannot say enough about this place.  Houston friends if you ever need immediate medical attention go to Houston Northwest Urgent Care by HEB.  The place is amazing and quick.  I am pretty sure I will soon be on the frequent flyer program.

Anyway, we were immediately seen.  Elena was very calm.  I was more nervous because I was imagining the screaming that was to come.  Elena was oblivious to this...lucky girl.
Happy before she knew what would happen
After several failed attempts with the alligator forceps, it was decided to numb her nose with Lidocaine. 
Alligator forceps
There were several more failed attempts for two reasons.  The rock, as we later learned, is a really odd shape and hard to "grab".  And, Elena is a strong little thing.  Despite two nurses and me holding her down she still moved too much to be safe. 

So, she was papoosed.  She was pretty unconcerned about this step.  I told her it was a special coat to keep her safe.  The doctor told her it was like the cocoon from "The Very Hungry Catepillar". 
All papoosed and still smiling
By this point, every time the forceps went into her nose, she started screaming.  It was truly awful and tough.  I hated every second of it and the medical staff was great.  The screaming just could not be avoided.  To make it worse, she kept moving and we still had to hold her. 

Finally, all the snot generated by all the crying allowed the rock to slide down her little nose and she blew it out!  Praise the Lord!!!  She was relieved.  I was relieved.   The doctor was relieved.  Thankfully there were no tears in her nostril. 
The rock...about the size of a pencil eraser
Who knew today would be so adventurous?  Who knows if she learned a lesson?  One never knows with a 2 year old!  What I do know is she is tired and so am I!  It is exhausting to cause that much stress for your child and to know you have to do it. 


  1. jeeze, that's a fairly good size rock to shove up a little nose !!! but, i have to say, she looks funny in that cacoon !

  2. No more rocks Elena! It is not the best beauty tip to continue!!