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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day very much needed

Today was the official end to summer.  Of course, school started last week so summer really ended then.  Then there is the fact that we live in Spring, Texas.  It is hot and I mean really hot until maybe mid October.  After then it is only hot.  So, in my mind summer may have officially ended today, but not really.  Summer will continue for many weeks!

But, we celebrated like it was the end of summer.  After a weekend of celebrating the return of college football (thank goodness for this!), playing, and working, it was time for really playing!  We ended the summer like be started it.  We went to a party at our wonderful friend's house.  The only difference this time was no trip to the ER.  In May Jonah ended up with 4 staples in his head.  This time we just had fun and thank GOD for that!

I was so thankful for the time to relax, enjoy friends, and watch children be silly!  What a joy to be silly!  The kids played various games and swam.  The moms floated and visited. 
me, Tami, Eileen, and Kim
The dad's did what dad's do....watched the food and watched golf!
We had the best time and ate way too much food!  Eileen always teases that Mike's food may not be great, but it was today!  The buffet was too much...brisket, sausage, chicken, and ribs.  I am full just reading that list of meat!
All the boys and the food

My friend Kim is always stuck with taking pictures of my family.  She does a great job!  This just might be my favorite picture of us all summer.  Everyone looks so happy and is smiling!
Of course after all that eating there had to be more playing.  I just love this picture of Drew and Elena!  Those puddle jumpers have made the biggest difference in our swimming lives this summer.  Elena and Samuel actually swim and I don't have to have eyes on all the time. 

Connor and Braden

Now that summer is officially over, I must admit that I am ready for fall.  Bring on the pumpkin everything, soup, and candles! 

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  1. What a fun day!!Looks like everyone had a blast in the pool and with that yummy food. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. (I love brisket!)

    Yes, fall cannot come fast enough. Pumpkin, soup, candles- YES!!