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Friday, November 11, 2011


Running is hard.  It takes tons of work and dedication.  It takes lots of time.  Besides being challenging physically, it is mentally hard.  If the brain quits so does the body.  When the body quits, the brain can often will more energy/effort out of the body.  Crazy how that works!

My brain has quit on me during runs long and short.  My brain has also quit on my during races.  My first experience was my first half marathon last November.  I got my revenge the next month.  My second was a 10K last winter.  It was awful and I hated every minute of that race (well at least five miles of the race).  I have the opportunity to redeem myself on Saturday.

I don't have anyone to redeem myself to except me.  It is important for me to prove to myself that I can run the distance well.  I don't like the 10K distance because do I sprint and if so how hard.  Do I just run semi fast and go all out at the end.  I can never decide.  The 10K is hard.

At the Chosen Half I tackled the demons of hills.  I actually conquered them!  I was nervous about running on such a hilly course with so very little hill training.  I knew I could run well, but did I really believe it.

I opted to spend my time before the race reading scripture that I picked out and one Drew gave.  I created a playlist with many inspiring Christian Rock songs.  I had encouraging words in my head the entire race!! I know it made a difference.  I believed in myself and I created a plan to help me succeed!

I had a PR at the Chosen Half.  I plan to run another PR on Saturday.  I BELIEVE I will.  I KNOW I can do it.  Mentally I am ready!  Will my body show up...let's hope so!

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