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Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Are.....Penn State

Penn State played Nebraska today.  Penn State lost 17-14.  It did not matter at all.

I have never been more proud of Penn State players, coaches, and fans ever!  I have never cried before a game like I did today.  I have never cried after a game like I did today.

Picture from my cousin Megan.
Penn State is a family.  It is a family of 100,000+ strong, faithful, good people.  The team has great young men who play with heart and pride every Saturday.  Today that decency was on display like I have never seen before and will probably not see again.

Megan took this picture of the pre-game prayer
The PSU players entered the field arms locked walking as one to the sideline.  They walked onto the field as they always do between the band, but today was a little different.  The PSU family grew by an unknown and super large number of past players and they created the rest of the tunnel. That was enough to overwhelm me, but then the PSU and Nebraska players met in the middle of the field for a prayer!  A Nebraska assistant coach lead the players and snooping media in prayer.  A stadium of 100,000+ people were silent...SILENT!  It was a powerful moment and it brought me to tears.

The signs in the stadium expressed love for the children and love for Joe!  It should not be, but it is.  A new season has begun at Penn State.  I wish it was not the case.  I wish one man was not such a horrible man leaving a trail of destruction behind him that is unreal.  But, it is not to be.  Penn State is a new place.  It will be a better place.  Today was the beginning of healing.

I am still grieving the old Penn State.  I am still wishing for the rolled up pants and black Nike's on the sideline.  I am still wishing for the band to play "Joe plays a mean football".  But, wishing gets me nowhere.  I am forever a PSU fan and a proud fan.  I was so proud of the men on the field today.  The won in my eyes.

I dressed all my sweet children in PSU gear as I do every Saturday.  I thought maybe someone might make a rude comment to us, but I decided it would not matter.  My family is PSU proud and this is what we do on football Saturdays.  A lady at the race today came up to Drew with tears in her eyes and said "We Are..."  Drew said "Penn State" and she replied and "We always will be!"

The Penn State family is large and proud and I am so thankful to be a part of it!

WE ARE..............PENN STATE!!!!!!!!
Thank You.......You're Welcome!

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