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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving

Today was such a great Thanksgiving.  Having Kelsey, Scott, and the girls here made the day so much more special for me!

Kelsey and I baked and prepared yesterday so there was not much left to cook today.  The kids worked on some fun crafts:  place cards and a thankful tablecloth!  There was lots of playing outside and a few board games played today.  The men worked on the lights until I asked if we could just watch football. 

Scott and I ran a 5 mile race this morning (GE Run Thru The Woods).  It was a great run and I crushed my goal time!

We all ate tons of yummy food and are so full! 

Now, the older kids are making Christmas lists.  The little girls are playing.  The adults are relaxing.

Kelsey took tons of pictures and they will follow!

Happy Thanksgiving to your family and friends.  We are so very thankful for you all!!

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