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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three things the late edition

Samuel - He asked me these questions on our drive home from the gym, which takes all of five minutes.

How can God be in heaven if he is in my heart?
Why did Jesus die?
What does God look like?
Does God still like me when I am bad?
Will Jesus have to die on the cross again if I am bad?
Jesus is God's son?
How does God know when I am bad?
Why will God forgive me? (apparently I did not answer question #2 very well)

I was totally brain dead by the time we arrived home!

Food - The foods I made today completely rocked...homemade applesauce, homemade pumpkin granola, and Penne with pumpkin Gorgonzola sauce!   I am really full after eating all that yummy food.  The best part was Samuel and Elena helped make the applesauce and granola.  I love cooking with my kiddos when I allow myself to forget about the mess and just have fun!!

Running - Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!  I have not run since Monday morning and it is time to get moving again.  I took three days off on purpose just to rest and to let my body (read hip and foot) heal!  I cannot wait to hit the pavement again tomorrow.  I think my family will be happy too (read less grouchy mommy)!

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