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Friday, November 25, 2011

GE Run Thru The Woods

Scott and I ran the GE Run Thru the Woods yesterday morning.  It was a great way to begin a day of eating...burning lots of calories running a five mile race!

The race was in The Woodlands and began at 8:15.  It was chilly and a little breezy...50 degrees chilly.  The start line was at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion which was a totally awesome race bonus.  That meant indoor toilets and some warmth.

My goal for the race was to run 38:45 and Scott planned to pace me.  Of course we both agreed if feeling great, take off and run! 

The race took us past the mall, across the I-45 overpass and through a subdivision in Oak Ridge.  We then crossed back over 45 and headed back to the pavilion.  I loved the course.  It had enough turns to keep it interesting.  There was decent crowd support.  It was fun to see families sitting in their front yards cheering on the runners.  Crossing back over 45 was killer.  I was tired and did not appreciate the hill/overpass.  Thankfully every climb has a downhill, which allowed for some recovery before the final 3/4 mile sprint to the finish.

Scott and I ran together for the first two miles.  He pulled ahead during mile 3.  I caught back up around mile 4 and we hung together until the hill.  Scott powered up it stronger than I did and finished super strong 7 seconds ahead of me.

Scott finished in 38:12 and I finished in 38:19.  My Garmin had me running 5.2 miles in 38:20.  I was totally psyched about my time.  My splits were:


This is the first time I ran a five mile race and it was lots of fun.  The distance is perfect for a prolonged sprint. 

My official stats were 9/180 for my age great (woo hoo!) and 392/2441 overall.  Scott's stats were 25/120 and 383/2441 overall.

So, what do two tired runners do after a five mile sprint?  We ate pancakes and sausage of course!  Well, Scott ate sausage and pancakes and I ate a pancake.  The Egg and I provided post run food for the runners and it was delicious!

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