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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making Changes

Deciding to run a marathon is a big deal.  Drew and I talked about the pros and cons of this for a while before I decided to run.  Not only is this a commitment for me, but it is a commitment for my family as well.  There are changes ahead for all of us.

The biggest change is the most obvious.  I will be running a lot and it will take me away from my family more than I like.  To help with this Drew and I bought the treadmill.  I love it and will love it more when there is a television on the porch!  The treadmill will allow me to run at night if need be and at home during bad weather.  I can run during nap time. 

I have to get up early to get in my runs.  I really don't want to miss much family time so my alarm will be going off early!  I actually don't mind this too much.  I like the time by myself and I love watching the earth wake up!

I have to go to bed earlier than I have been.  I stay up late to watch the weather.  I need to be in bed by 10p so I don't get too tired and thus probably sick.  I will have to tape the 5pm weather on Channel 2 (Frank is my favorite) and watch it after the kiddos are in bed.  The bad thing about an early bedtime is less evening time with Drew.

Drew will probably ride less in the coming months.  I will need the time to run and he is okay with this.  He knows it is 16 weeks and then it is his turn.  Unfortunately, right now this is not an issue since his hand is injured.  I am hoping it becomes a scheduling issue for us soon.  I know he misses riding!

I have to eat better.  Running all these miles requires lots of fuel and I plan to fuel my body properly.

I have to drink tons of water.  This is a challenge when it is cooler because I don't notice my thirst as much.  Although, since it is still 80 degrees in November it may not be a problem.

My long runs are on Sunday.  I will have to attend a different church service so I don't have to get up at 4am.  I am okay with that and am excited to experience the Journey Service at church.  I can also run Sunday afternoon, but I really like to run in the morning.  We shall see.

Perhaps, the biggest thing is to listen to my body.  I have to rest if something aches.  I have to cut out runs if something hurts.  I have to take care of me so I can get to starting line in one, healthy prepared piece!

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