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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jonah's first meet

Jonah had his first gymnastics meet on Friday.  It was an intrasquad meet with judges.    I was nervous for Jonah.  He was not nervous because he is one overly confident little boy!

Jonah new all his routines and did them so well.  He had a low grade fever so I was so proud of him for performing well and working hard all night.

Jonah is currently performing level four routines.  He is practicing level five skills.  Until Jonah is 7 he will not be allowed to compete at level five.  At the moment he is at the gym two nights a week and is begging for us to allow him to go a third night.  The boy loves gymnastics and thinks all things are to be used for gymnastics.  I am super excited to watch him compete this season!

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