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Monday, November 7, 2011

Encouragement when I needed it

Today at MOMS I discussed how challenging it can be to invite two other children into our home.  It takes away from my time with my kids, I am feeding more children, I am refereeing more situations, and the list goes on.  I am exhausted when they leave.

I was reminded that I am being called to help.  I am being called to help this family during their great time of need and to minister to these children. 

I was reminded that my children will survive this season in our life and learn from it.  I was reminded that serving others will teach my children more than I could do playing with them after school on any given day.

I was reminded that God will equip me to meet each child's needs (all 6 of them) each day.  God will provide if I call on Him.

I was reminded that this is just a season and it will end.

These were wonderful things to hear today.  The encouragement carried me through my evening of never ending needs and feelings of pure emotional exhaustion.  Pray also helped!

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