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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Words

Wearing our PSU proudly and we always will!
That is an ironic title for this post because I have lots of words spinning in my head, but I do not know how to organize them.  My brain and heart are overwhelmed by the tragedy unfolding at Penn State.  It is almost more than I can process and definitely more than I want to think about, but I don't have a choice.  I pray that by writing them down I can feel a greater sense of calm about the situation.

I love Penn State. I always have and I always will.  I wanted to go to college there for my entire life until my young 18 year old self realized how big the campus was.  I had to pass on that dream, but my love continued.  I adore central PA, State College, Happy Valley, the mountains, the people, the way the people talk, the way the people live....I love everything about it.  I also happen to love Joe Paterno and think of him as a member of my family.  I am pretty sure that when I was born, my mom dressed me in blue and white.  If she didn't, it wasn't long after I was born.  I know all four of my kiddos had a very early infancy picture taken all decked out in white and blue!

I know all that may sound just a crazy as it comes, but it is true.  I love Penn State football and all it represents.  Joe Pa has been the coach for my entire life and that all changed today.  What the program represents has changed too.  I feel like I am grieving a huge loss. 

I am so saddened and angered by the scandal enveloping Penn State.  One man caused all this to happen and no one cares about him.  The media does not talk about him.  All I hear about is Joe Paterno this and Joe Paterno that.  Really!  Really!  Really!

Yes, Joe Pa knew something happened and he reported it.  Could he have done more?  Should he have done more?  Those are questions that only he can answer.  It is not up to the media to cast stones, but they will repeatedly all day long.  It is not their job.  It is Our Maker's job to decide. 

I believe that Penn State and the State College community lost a giant today.  The football program will continue and this will all seem like a bad memory by next season.  There will be another scandal to take its place.  And, that is what is truly sad.  The media will drop this as quickly as it started.

I feel for the players.  They will play their last home game under Joe Pa's leadership on Saturday.  I watched a video today of the player's reactions to the news of Joe Pa retiring.  It was heart wrenching!  Those players are losing a coach, a leader, and a father figure.  The media can say whatever it wants about Joe Pa.  He is a legend in my eyes and in my heart.

I pray for Joe Pa, his family, the players, the State College community, and the lives of the boys effected by the horrible acts of one man.  None of this would be happening it he had been a decent man!

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