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Monday, November 14, 2011

Let marathon training begin

Yep, today was the day!  Marathon training began!

I have been thinking about this day for months.  I have looked at my plan for weeks.  I think about running the marathon almost every time I run.  I was ready for today to be here!

I have a 16 week plan. 

I will run 5 days a week with an optional 6th day each week.

Week 9 will be the first time I run 50 miles in a week.  It will be the first time ever!!

My highest weekly mileage will be 54 miles and that will occur twice.

I am scheduled to run a 26.2km run in February.  It is a simulator marathon, but in kilometers.  I am also running it at race pace...yikes!!

In total I am scheduled to run 673.7 miles in 16 weeks.  At minimum I will run 613.7 miles.

Marathon day is 3/3/12...that is a super cool date!

Of course, this assumes my body cooperates and I remain injury free.  I say BRING IT ON!!

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