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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Being Thankful

The Mom's group at our church has a 15 week challenged entitled "From Stressed to Blessed".  This week's challenge is to list 25 things I am thankful for and to try to add at least five things to that list daily.  So, here is my list:

1.  Drew who works so hard and loves us all so much
2.  Emma who is so helpful and loving
3.  Jonah who is crazy, loving, and fun
4.  Samuel who is a pickle, but I love him dearly
5.  Elena who is so sweet and a joy to watch learn something new each day
6.  My family not listed
7.  My friends near and far
8.  The recent cooler weather
9.  Hot chocolate...yum!
10.  Sweaters
11.  Hair color...could not survive without it
12.  My clean kitchen because nothing else is clean at the moment
13.  The smells of fall
14.  Homemade soup
15.  College football
16.  Going to the zoo yesterday...tons of fun!
17.  Getting my treadmill
18.  My church and the wonderful people that serve
19.  Running
20.  My fun E-bands
21.  When my children are in bed and I get some quiet time
22.  Watching Emma and Jonah learn and perform their gymnastics skills
23.  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel's school teachers
24.  The devotions I receive online each morning
25.  Ice cream and milkshakes
26.  Grocery shopping without children
27.  Watching the earth come "alive" as I run in the mornings
28.  Playing outside with my kiddos when it is not 100 degrees
29.  My DVR or I would never get to watch television
30.  The pictures Kelsey takes of my kiddos

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