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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Emma's big weekend Part One

This weekend was huge for Emma.  She had her last gymnastics competition on Saturday.  She got her ears pierced today (more on that tomorrow).  Actually, it was a big weekend for me and Drew too!  Emma grew up before our eyes in two short days!!

Yesterday was the District Level 3 competition and Emma's team was first place small team!  They all did so well.  Emma had her best floor routine and did well on the other events as well. 

When Emma first realized that she would have to compete in front of other people and be judged, she did not think this was her thing.  We talked tons about this being for her and her team...not for the judges and the people watching.  Lots of prayers have been said other the past months asking for Emma to have the courage to be strong and to rely on God for her strength when nervous.  These things combined with lots and lots of practice really paid off for Emma yesterday.  She did not earn a "10", but she was perfect.  She met her goals, worked hard for herself, and her team.  I could not have been more proud of her.

I honestly was not sure if Emma would survive the season.  I did not see the inner strength and competitiveness needed for this sport.  I supported and encouraged her every step of the way, but secretly wondered.  Could she do it?  Would she do it?  Would it be enough?  Emma proved me WRONG in so many ways over the past four meets.  She is stronger than I thought, more competitive than I ever imagined, and a quiet team leader.  She leads by example with her words and her actions.  Emma is amazing.

For a girl who did not think she would like to compete, she told me yesterday that she was said it was the last meet.  Go figure!  I am so proud of her I could truly burst!!!
Emma, Coach Ana, Tara, Carmen, and Raegan
Emma and Coach Ana

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