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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Things for Thursday

Now that Emma, Jonah, and Samuel are in school at least three days a week, I got lots of one-on-one time with Elena.  She is such an easy, peasy little girl and we generally have lots of fun together.  So yesterday...

1.  She let me do this to her hair and she looked so precious!  Oh my pigtails and not yet two!!!!

2.  Today I decided we would go for a run after dropping off Samuel at school.  Elena loves the stroller telling me how fun it is every time she rides in it.  It was cold (by Houston standards) this morning so I bundled her up in blankets.  I started out in a light jacket, but ditched that after one mile.  I also wore a hand band because it was so windy and I knew my ears would ache.  It was a good choice!  Elena and I finished 7 stroller miles in 1:03.33 and I was so proud of myself.  I know pushing her will make me a stronger runner!  Elena barely made a peak the entire run....she was awesome!
Pre-run picture

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