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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Budding Gymnasts

Emma and Jonah began attending a gymnastics class in 2008.  Fast forward three almost four years later and they are both on the competitive teams.  Emma is completing her first competitive season and has enjoyed it.  Jonah will begin competing in December.

I must say that my children are so cute in the "outfits".  Jonah received his singlet and shorts about two weeks ago.  When he tried it on, I almost died laughing at his reaction to wearing a leotard-like outfit.  His voice was so high as he expressed his opinion.  It was something like "I am not going to wear this.  It looks like Emma's leotards.  What is this?  I can't wear this!"  He went on and on.  I laughed more and more.  I am laughing now just thinking about it!

Well, he is used to it now and looks so handsome.   I asked him to pose for a picture before Thursday's practice and I got this....

He is such a ham!
So, I asked for a more normal pose and I got this....

What am I going to do with him?
Then I took a picture of Emma and Jonah.

Don't they look great!

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