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Friday, October 21, 2011

No naps for me says Samuel

A few weeks ago Samuel declared quite emphatically that he no longer took naps.  I was a little shocked and honestly, saddened by this news.  I love my sweet boy, but I also really like an hour or so to myself in the afternoon.  I get tons of stuff accomplished.

Well, Samuel was serious and he does not nap.  Thankfully, he has been very cheerful and pleasant all the way to bedtime.  He still naps at school three days a week.  I think this is a blessing!

Today as I was getting ready to head to bus stop to pick up Emma and Jonah, I found Samuel sleeping on the couch.  I woke him and told him where I was going.  He sat up and opted to stay home to "rest".  I forgot Elena's shoes so back we came and I found this...

I think he was tired!  To the bus stop I went and when I got back I found this....

He was so asleep and just so cute!  I let him sleep for a minute, but we had to go to the gym.  He was not a happy camper when I woke him.  I think he just may need to nap more than he thinks!

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