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Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Party (s)

Jonah is one lucky 6 year old because he had two birthday parties!  On his actual birthday the poor sweet boy did not feel well.  Thankfully his ice cream cake was so yummy that I enjoyed enough for him!!

Jonah received lots of fun and thoughtful gifts and cards from our loving family.  I do think he was most excited to receive his waterproof watch.  Jonah asked for one all summer.  He has not taken it off since he opened it!

This past Friday we had a birthday party with Jonah's friends.  Our theme was FOOTBALL!  We asked each guests to wear a jersey or sports shirt.  Everyone looked so cute...even our awesome friends (the parents).  Our original plan was a no go, so we decided to have it at the park in our subdivision.  It was perfect!  The weather was cooler than 100 degrees.  The boys and girls loved playing at the park.  Because the park is nice, but not amazing, the kids played football with the dads.  Well, they kind of played football.  It was more like throw the ball around and run, but everyone had fun.

Jonah finally had his tacos (he was not feeling well enough to have them on his birthday).  The cake was super cute and most of it was eaten...thank goodness!

It was a wonderful, carefree party.  We and Jonah are so blessed to have wonderful friends!

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