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Monday, October 24, 2011

Emma's big weekend Part Two

Emma wanted to get her ears pierced 6 weeks ago when her best friend did.  At the time the answer had to be no.  Newly pierced ears need earrings and earrings are a no-no during gymnastics competitions.  I was off the hook and thought maybe Emma would forget about it.

There would be no such thing.  Emma has talked about having pierced ears regularly since September.  She kind of counted down the days to the last meet.  That was on Saturday and Sunday would be the day....October 22!  Emma's BFF, Ashlynn, came with us and we had such a fun time.

Emma's last picture with un-pierced ears
These two girls have been best friends since they were three years old.  More than half their young lives they have been friends.  I think it is so wonderful.  They never stopped talking and giggling!

We went to Claire's for the big event.  Emma was so excited she was about the explode (this according to Drew).  She was not nervous.  I held her hands and she did not even flinch.  She said "that hurt" after the first ear and nothing after the second ear was pierced.  So brave she was!!!  She picked diamonds (fake of course) because they are a girls best friend!  The girls were also allowed to pick out a small item as a treat.  Why the picked glasses I have no idea, but they look darling. 
Tiny, but pierced!
After the "trauma" of ear piercing, we went to Tutti Fruiti for frozen yogurt...yum!  Emma had a way bigger amount than normal, but it was her big day!  I just love this picture of Emma and Ashlynn eating and gabbing!

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