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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I am not a big fan of the zoo, but my kiddos love it.  I could look at all the animals in about 30 minutes and be ready to go.  Saturday we were at the zoo for five hours!  Granted, some of that time was spent eating, visiting with Drew co-workers (Swift's annual company picnic is at the Houston Zoo), and getting little body parts painted.  Still, five hours is a long time for me to be at the zoo.  Thankfully, I had the pleasure of watching four adorable faces light up in amazement at the crazy animals all day long.  It was worth being there for so long.

Elena, who slept through most of our visit to the zoo last year, spent most of the day with this look on her face...absolutely precious!  She also said good-bye to every animal.

Face painting was fun for the boys.  They wanted dinosaurs, but I think they looked a little like alligators.  They are very ferocious!

The girls got their arms painted.  Elena was in awe of this new thing known as painting on the body!

I liked taking pictures with the animal statues and cut-outs!  Samuel enjoyed talking about the animal poop all morning.  He said the word 9 times in the first 20 minutes!  It was very funny!!

The carousel was a big hit.  Unfortunately I could not get any pictures of Emma and Jonah because of where they were riding.
It was a glorious day.  Sweatshirts were needed in the morning...shock I know! We did have a wonderful time and we had some very tired kiddos at the end of the day!

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