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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hitting the trails in Colorado

At home I run at approximately 55 feet elevation.  In Colorado I was running at approximately 9,000 feet elevation.  Upon doing the math, it is easy to realize the stark difference.  It is also then easy to realize how much harder it is to breathe in Colorado than at home.

Can you spy the moon above the mountains?
I only had the opportunity to run outside one time (every other run was on a treadmill).  Any other time running outside would have interfered with skiing---the purpose of our vacation after all.  The one time I headed outside, it was 22 degrees.  It was cold and I loved wearing my cold weather running clothing.  The sun was rising and I could see my breathe the entire run.  I had to stop to walk over ice patches.  I ran up hills and down hills.  I ran along a creek.  I looked at huge mountains the entire run.  It was beautiful and I enjoyed every labored breathe of my run.

BUT, don't get me wrong.  Despite the humidity, I like running at sea level.  It is way easier!!

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