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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bluebonnet pictures

This morning I dragged the kids out of bed early so we could have pictures taken with the bluebonnets.  I think if one lives in Texas this is a must.  We have lived here since 1999 and this is our first time to take pictures with the Texas state flower and the must see flower of the spring.  I will admit that a field of bluebonnets is pretty!  Could this picture be more Texas...bluebonnets with the tower in the background with the Texas and US flag on it?

My friend Valerie and her friend took professional pictures of the kids.  I cannot wait to see them.  Everyone was fairly cooperative...even Elena.  Valerie took some of them walking, running, and standing in the field.   She also used a bench and a chair for props.  Again, can't wait to see them!

However, I wanted pictures now so I made them pose for me after Valerie was finished.  I think mine came out pretty good as well.  It does help to have photogenic and cute subjects!

I could not resist Jonah being silly especially wearing his boots!
Emma who put bluebonnets in her!
Just so sweet....Elena
A more posed Jonah
All my sweet babies!

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