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Friday, March 2, 2012

Marathon Training is OVER!

On November 14, 2011 I ran four miles and began training for my first marathon.  Today...March 2, 2012...16 weeks later...I ran two miles to keep my legs loose for tomorrow.  I am running my first marathon tomorrow!

In the past 16 weeks I have run in the rain, freezing cold, dark, on the treadmill, alone, with a friend, through sickness, and through pain.  I missed two runs because I was too sick to get off the couch....11 miles missed.

I learned that I can push when I am tired and when I am hurt.  I learned that 21 miles is a long way and 26.2 is going to be even longer.  I learned that my body is capable of whatever my mind can will it to do.  Tomorrow is almost more about my mind than my body!

600.75 miles later I feel prepared.  I can only control me.  I cannot worry about the weather, the people around me, my time, oh and did I mention the weather.  I can only control my body and that is what I am going to do tomorrow.  It is going to be hard....really hard.  It is going to take more than I have even given on a run.  I am probably going to want to stop.  But, I know I can do this!

I have my outfit ready, my pacing plan ready, and my fueling plan ready.  There is nothing else to do, but pray and be confident in my training.  My friends and family are confident I will do well tomorrow.  Now I have to believe in me and I DO!

May He give you the desires of your heart and make all your plans succeed!  Psalm 20:4

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  1. You've got this, no doubt about it. Can't wait to hear all the details. Susan (momswimbikerun)