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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jonah's South State Gymnastics Meet

Today was Jonah's final gymnastics meet of the 2012 season.  His journey learning how to point his toes, keep his legs together, and stick his landings began in December.  He has learned to love meets.  He has also learned that he must perform if he wants a medal.

Well, all his work paid off today!  Jonah had his highest scores of the season!!  He did well on every event except for Pommel Horse.  He does not like that event and always does poorly.  Today was better, but there is lots of work to do on this event.

Regardless, he had a 14.1 on Parallel Bars, a 13.5 on Rings, 9.5 on Pommel Horse, 13.6 on Floor, 13.2 on High Bar, and a
This is his highest score of the season on any event!!  He was one happy boy after the meet!

His level four team has four members, but only one other boy is 6.  They competed together today and the other two boys competed earlier in the day.
Jonah and Patrick (Drew took this...just saying)
He also received an individual medal in vault.  He was in the top 17 out of almost 60 boys...yeah Jonah!!!!  His coach was very proud of his performance.  Drew and I are so proud of him!!
Jonah with his vault medal and a meet participation medal!


  1. That's awesome! He looks so proud and happy! :-)

  2. Congrats to Jonah! I have to admit though, when I saw that picture on Facebook, I thought it was for the POLE VAULT. And all I could think was, "Holy cow, that little kid vaulted 14ft 8in? He's headed for the olympics."

    Then I realized it was gymnastics. He very well may still be going to the Olympics, but I know nothing about gymnastics, so I'm not really sure where his score falls in the scope of things.