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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Words from my Children

Words have been on my mind recently as you can tell.  Most of the time, what my kiddos say is just normal daily conversation kind of stuff.  However, occasionally one of them spews something that is hilarious, eye opening, shocking, or some form of not normal.

Yesterday I heard Elena, who is two, say "watch Charlie" as Emma was changing the channels.  Elena wanted to watch "Good Luck Charlie".  Seriously, I am a horrible mom.  I never would have let Jonah watch that when he was two and probably not Samuel.  Now, I have so much going on that I monitor less of what they all watch together and "Little Bear" usually does not win.

Sunday Jonah wanted to play Wii with me and I picked bowling.  It is really the only Wii sport that I can play decently well or so I thought.  After my first two attempts Jonah said, "Do we need a few practice rounds?"  For real was not that bad.  And for the record, I beat him in our second game!

On Saturday at dinner Samuel said to Drew "Dad, you know what they say?"  Oh, really Samuel!  What do they say?  Hilarious!!  He did not have an answer and I could barely stop laughing.  They really do hear everything!

As for Emma, she is too busy being bossy or guarded with her words to ever really let loose with something funny.   Trust me.  My ears are definitely listening for her to be goofy.

Kids....they are so funny!

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