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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yesterday I read a wonderful blog post about words...the words of life.  Words build up and words tear down and it can go either way very quickly.  Are my words true, kind, and necessary? 

Reading posts like that are always a good reminder for me.  Words often fly out of my mouth before they should especially when dealing with my kiddos.  Most times the words are in response to me not planning well and getting frustrated with my kiddos not being ready.  Truly that is my fault not theirs, but you might not know that by my words. 

I wrote in my journal last night how happy I was to have that reminder on a Monday morning.  It was a great way to start my week and I had a good day of words.  I think probably 90% or more of my words true, kind, and necessary.  I literally thought of the post every time I was frustrated.  It was like my own little censor!  When my words are kind, in general life at our house is so much better.  Crazy how that works!

This morning I opened my email and the same post from the same blog was there again.  It was as if I had not read it yesterday.  Crazy...maybe.  Coincidental...maybe.  Eye opening...definitely!  I re-read the entire post again.  I think God really wants me to connect more to my words and what life they bringing to my home.

So, now I am going to put the post on my refrigerator where I can see it multiple times a day.

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  1. I need to do the same - I think this is the third or fourth time in the last couple months I've heard the "true, kind, and necessary" criteria...