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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post Marathon

I thought running the marathon was hard, but recovery is almost as challenging.  I was immediately cold and thirsty.  I walked around some and found my family.  Seeing them was awesome.  It was a total reward for the hard work...well that and my sweet medal!  This of course caused me to cry some more!
Me and my cheering squad!
Me and Kim!
Getting some love from Elena
When I finally sat down, I could not get back up.  Drew had to literally pull me up which was so sad.  I walked around more, collected my finisher shirt, and felt a little better.  I dressed in my compression gear and started to feel much warmer.  My legs were really crampy so Gatorade was my new friend and I typically don't like it AT ALL!

Saturday was challenging all day.  I took a quick nap and lived on adrenaline all day I think.  Sunday my legs felt okay so long as I did not have to walk down steps or squat.  It was like being 9 months pregnant again...waddling when I walked and using my arms like crazy to get up.  I took another nap and this one was much longer.  Monday I wore my compression pants again all day and that really helped.  By Monday night I felt like I could move again.  My quads are still not perfect, but life is getting better!  I even ran two slow miles this morning which was so helpful to loosen up my quad muscles. 

So, where was my cheering squad for the second half of the race????  When Drew tried to leave the mile 10 parking spot he got the van stuck in mud.  Instead of perhaps missing me at the finish they decided to walk to the finish and just wait.  Thank goodness they were at the finish because that just helped make the race all the better.  Two hours after I finished the van was towed out of the mud and we headed to Chick Fil A for lunch!

Will I run another marathon?  I think I might!  I loved the training.  I like running all those miles and I already miss it...crazy I know!  When will I run another one?  Ask me when I feel back to normal!!

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  1. I have no doubt you will be running another one. Just let us know the date so we can mark it on our calendars!